Sunday, 28 June 2015


                        بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

Bismillah. Subhanallah, Allahamdulillah, Allahuakbar. 
Like usual, let us be a thankful creation to the One who owns every LOVE, ALLAH. With His bless and love, we are given two important ni'mah which are Iman and Islam.

Purify our heart, our intention and our attitude. ALLAH knows even in the silent heart. No need to shout, no need to cry out loud. He created us, and He knows who we are more than we do. "ALLAH" , a name that will make your heart beats faster than before if your love towards Him is true.

The moment when you want something badly in your life but you can't, believe me He is planning something better,
The moment when you feel down to the earth, He knows what you feel and only Him can cure it,
The moment when everyone you love become a stranger, keep calm because a sincere one will never leave you what ever happen.

Nothing will remain forever.
That's dunya.
You're not created for this dunya,
You're not created to feel blessed with a little happiness in dunya.
You are not.

Have your goal and struggle for it.
Believe me, there is no such thing that 'haq and batil' in one time.
If you choose, haq so the batil will leave.
And vice versa.
That's life.

When you said you do something for the sake of ALLAH. Believe me He said 
"Or (do) you think that you will enter Paradise while not (has) come to you like (came to) those who passed away from before you? Touched them [the] adversity and [the] hardship, and they were shaken until said the Messenger and those who believed with him, "When [will] (the) help (of) Allah (come) Unquestionably, [Indeed] help (of) Allah (is) near. "

So, don't simply think that Allah will not tested you with your own words. Of course He will. If you said that only ALLAH is in your heart, He will test you with the leaving of your loved one. Don't you remember the story Prophet Muhammad S.A.W.? How He was tested by losing his beloved one who always support him in da'wah, which is his wife, Saidatina Khadijah. If the one who is maksum (pure) also being tested by ALLAH, how can we be very sure that we will not.


Put your faith on. Keep moving even you know that you're not strong enough to face all the tribulations alone. Of course you're not alone my dear. If you don't have a shoulder to cry on, you still have a floor to sujod. And don't ever compare yourself with others, or happiness will never be yours. Feel bless if He still give you hope to repent when there is a lot of people that hope they're given second chance to repent but they can't.

Keep S.M.I.L.E even it's hard.
Keep S.M.I.L.E even your heart is dying.
Keep S.M.I.L.E even there's no reason to smile.
S.M.I.L.E because it can cover up your pain.
Maybe it will not help a lot, but it will.

Keep S.M.I.L.E to build your strength.

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